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no cease-fire yet. both sides attack as hillary clinton criss-crosses the middle east on a peace mission. and we are talking about this boxing legend in a fight for his life. hector macho left unconscious after a shooting. and hostess comes up short in negotiation talks. i'm christine romans. >> i'm brooke baldwin. zoraida and berman are both off this morning here.
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we want to begin with our big story here. coming up, hope for a cease-fire in gaza as the attacks keep coming, the blood keeps spilling. here's what we know this morning. secretary of state hillary clinton has just wrapped up this meeting in the west bank in ramallah with mahmoud abbas. she will reportedly meet again today with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu before jetting to cairo for talks with the president of egypt, mohammad morsi. the urgency underscored by the carnage in benghazi. rockets are lobbying back and forth. israeli air attacks killing 27 more palestinians bringing the death toll to 137 just in the last week. >> now a spokesman for hamas sounded cautiously optimistic that a cease-fire could be at hand telling cnn we are close, we are on the edge. cnn has reporters blanketing the region to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of this
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crisis in gaza. fred pleitgen is in ashkelon, ben wedemans in gaza city. ben wedeman, good morning, set the scene for me. >> reporter: yes, brooke, it was a noisezy night and we saw intense bombardment just behind where i'm standing. that was proceeded by increasing sort of mounting reports that a cease-fire was about to be announced or a period of calm. but it appears that there were problems within the israeli government that prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his foreign minister lieberman didn't see eye to eye with the defense minister who was leaning towards accepting this draft proposal sent by hamas via the
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egyptian government. so once it was clear that those efforts had sort of run into a brick wall, we saw an intensification of israeli air strikes and of course rocket fire out of gaza as well. one of the rockets, rather, one of the air strikes hit very close to the hotel where many journalists are staying right on the coast right next to the gaza city beach. now most recently within the last hour the house of a senior adviser to hamas, prime minister ishmael hamiya was hit and killed. as you mentioned, the death toll has now reached 139 according to palestinian medical sources. at the moment, it's relatively quiet, but unless there's real progress broke towards a cease-fire, we may just slip back into this exchange of fire that we have been seeing now for eight days. >> at the moment it's quiet.
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let me ask you, though, about the leaflets that are dropped from the sky from israel to basically warn civilians in gaza as a heads-up. look, we are sending a missile you're way, here's where you need to go to stay safe. >> reporter: well, we have seen two different kinds of leaflets. one is sort of a generic stay away from anything affiliated or connected with hamas. and it's a message to the israeli defense forces. and it also says we are trying to only go after hamas and not the people of gaza. what we saw yesterday, however, were leaflets being dropped on the northern part of the gaza strip with very specific instructions for people to leave those areas, how to get out of those areas and take cover in areas of gaza city which are safer. so those leaflets really did spark something of a panic
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exodus by people from the northern areas of the gaza strip. they flocked on donkey carts, pickup trucks, whatever kind of transportation they could find to this area. and they were put up in schools, but the schools weren't ready. there was no preparations for them to come. so they have left their homes and they have come here with a situation that isn't dramatically better. >> waiting as the world is for a cease-fire. ben wedeman in gaza. thank you. next up, secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with president mo hamad morsi who could be the best deal to broker a piece deal. good morning, reza, set the scene for us this morning and how important mr. morsi is in the solution we see here. >> reporter: yeah, christine, this is another critical day in this conflict. a lot of people anxious to see
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what happens in the coming hours. it's a little after 12:00 noon cairo time and in a couple of hours secretary clinton is scheduled to arrive in cairo meeting with the egyptian president mohammad morsi as well as the arab league. whenever big conflicts happen in the middle east, washington wants to be seen as playing a major role as peacemaker. that is clearly why mrs. clinton is in the region today, but it is also clear that throughout the past few days it's been egypt that's taking the lead as peacemaker. obviously, they have strong links to hamas and they also have links with israel with that peace treaty they have promised to abide by. so they seem to be logical peacemaker. yesterday they were optimistic that a cease-fire would be established. mr. morsi says he expects the aggression to stop. obviously, christine, that didn't happen. heavy fighting throughout the
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night and the early morning hours. not exactly boding well for egypt's status as peacemaker, but they seem to be remaining optimistic. they are hopeful something can get done today. >> reza, have egyptian officials told you why they can't get the two sides to agree to a cease-fire when they claimed they were so close? it looked as though from signs on the ground they were so close and the heavy fighting continued all night. >> reporter: yeah, well, we have not been able to get a response from egyptian officials but we spoke with a deputy head of hamas, and this is no surprise, he points the finger at israel saying the talks stopped. initially hamas made an offer, israel rejected the first offer. according to hamas they made a revised offer and they never heard back according to hamas officials. but what is good news in all of this, even hamas officials seem to be optimistic that today and in the coming hours something could happen.
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>> all right. reza, thank you. at the bottom of the hour we'll talk to dan, our foreign officer now a guest scholar for middle east policy. next hour at 6:30 eastern, stuart holiday is joining us, head of the public policy group that works with the state department. no other news here, eight minutes past the hour, sorry twinkie fans, it appears hostess is almost history. they are headed back to bankruptcy court in new york today after this last-digit mediation effort with the bakers union failed. the bankruptcy judge has ordered the talks to try to save more than 18,000 jobs at this company. several companies have expressed an interest in buying the brands and the recipes. former boxing champ hector macho camacho is in serious condition after being shot in puerto rico. the shooter fired at camacho and another as they sat outside a
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bar in taiwan. he was shot in the face and doctors say the bullet fractured two vertebrae in his neck and he may have trouble walking. cleavon clash, the puppeteer who brought elmo to life on "sesame street" has quit. the lawsuit accuses clash of a sexual relationship with an underaged male. this comes a week after another accuser made a claim before recanting. "sesame street" says, quote, unfortunately the controversy surrounding kevin's personal life has become a distraction that none of us want. this is a sad day for "sesame street." >> the calendar says wednesday but for many of americans it is getaway day for the thanksgiving holiday. we'll show you live pictures. there's miami's airport, new york city, atlanta, we'll check in on all of these airports coming up to let you know what your getaway is going to look like. ♪
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log on now to and you could pay as little as ten dollars a month for androgel 1.62%. what are you waiting for? this is big news. 13 minutes past the hour here on this morning before turkey day. we'll check out the early reads here to look at local news making nation had in headlines. first from the new york times reporting the cia is permanently closing the doors on the climate change for national security. the controversial department was set up three years ago. republicans blasting the unit as wasteful and a distraction to the agency's mission. the cia is not saying whether it was closed by budget constraints or political pressure. the agency will continue to monitor climate change and its impact to our national security but not in a stand-alone
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department. in "the san francisco chronicle" clothing optional is not about to be an option. nudists are losing the right to bear it all. they passed a measure banning public nude did. when they passed this law, people decided to bare it all. nudists have filed a lawsuit saying the ban violates free expression rights. >> i was not aware that you can walk around like that. >> it's true, but i keep saying, it's a little chilly by the bay. >> you have to layer. in some cases, maybe not. 14 minutes past the hour. secretary of state hillary clinton wrapping up her meeting this morning with palestinian authority prime minister mahmoud abbas. the secretary of state is trying to broker a cease-fire in gaza. a little later on she'll meet
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again with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. in a couple hours she'll be in cairo meeting with mohamed morsi. you know the deal. take a look at pictures. the fighting in gaza intense overnight. 27 more palestinians killed by israeli air strikes bringing the death toll to 137. meantime, police in arizona have no idea why a pickup truck driver was driving the wrong way on the highway when he collided head-on with a tour bus. the 78-year-old man was killed instantly when his vehicle burst into flames near i-10 near case grande. the church of england is saying no to women bishops. the church's governing body didn't get the two-thirds majority it needed topaz the measure. it did have enough in the house of clergy but did not get enough
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votes falling short by just four votes. a new heart pump has just been approved by the food and drug administration. the hardware's ventricular system is a battery-powered device that's planted in the chest. it's smaller than previously-approved heart pumps. it could be easier for patients to tolerate. here we are on this holiday week. we have to talk holiday travel. i'm hopping on a plane tomorrow. kind of curious how things are looking on this day before thanksgiving. >> where are you going, brooke? >> back home to atlanta where you are, friend. >> open arms, no problem, smooth sailing. if you are going to chicago, milwaukee, detroit today, we have issues. st. louis as well. fog is happening now and it will continue to happen the next several hours. dense fog advisories out for the lower half of michigan, northern parts of illinois and wisconsin. that will be enough to cause ground stops later on in the day in chicago and st. louis. right now we don't have any but
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i expect in the next hour or two they will start to rack up. san francisco, low clouds and rain with a storm out there. we have been talking about the storm in seattle and portland that continues to hammer the area. here's the radar. starting to turn with snow levels a little bit. even flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder. certainly a rare event for the i-5 corridor but they are getting everything with more flash flood watches in effect with the rivers continuing to rise, although the rain will diminish with the cold air rolling in. this big mess stretches down to san francisco. so the storm is lowering and intensifying as it pushes inland. across the midsection of the country, other than the fog, by the way, they got some across the gulf coast and the upper coastline of texas through houston this morning. we are looking okay. a little breezy across parts of the east coast for today. as we head towards turkey day there, you go. gobble, gobble. we are looking at sunshine for much of the east coast including the thanksgiving day parade. for your flight tomorrow, brooke, or today, back home to
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atlanta, you should be okay. >> excellent. >> it will be a nice drive if you want to go that route. >> i think i'll be hopping on a flight. thank you very much. on a much more serious note -- we want to get you to this breaking news as we cover the conflict between israel and gaza. you're looking at live pictures. this is a bus. we have learned according to israeli police that there were people injured, there was some sort of explosion here on this bus. take a look at the front of the bus that appears from my vantage that the front windows are shattered. this is tel aviv. one of the huge cities in israel. as we are watching the last couple of days from rockets from hamas lobbying into israel, they have reached places, they have reached neighborhoods in and around tel aviv and jerusalem and the rest of the country. so again, we don't know what caused this explosion. this is all very fresh. you see people racing about.
2:19 am
we don't know injuries, presumably there are injuries based upon these pictures and the bus there. >> you can see the pictures on the left side of the screen. that's coverage from a television station in tel aviv. the fighting raged overnight. they were not able to secure a cease-fire. the fighting raged overnight into the morning and now you've got secretary of state hillary clinton on her way to a meeting there today with mohamed morsi to broker a near-term cease-fire piece. but just showing you the violence continues with this explosion on a bus in tel aviv. we know there are injuries and we'll update you with details as we get them. >> we have reporters on the ground in israel and gaza and egypt. we are all over this breaking news here. stay with us. we are back in just a short moment. drea about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now?
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as tensions continue to be ratcheted up in the middle east and as hopes for a cease-fire so far have not yet happened, we want to let you know we are just learning this morning from israeli police there has been a bus explosion in tel aviv. you can see where tel aviv is there in israel on the map. we understand there are people injured. we don't know how many. we don't know what caused this bus explosion. but the fact of the matter is, this is clearly going a step further from now not just rockets but some sort of explosion on the ground in this
2:24 am
major city of tel aviv. >> right. adding to a very tense and dangerous night. a cease-fire wasn't achieved. you saw more violence and escalating tensions and fighting overnight and into the morning. and now this bus explosion in tel aviv. we'll get you more details when we have that. meantime, oil prices is what we watch with unrest in the middle east. oil prices are up overnight and u.s. stock futures are trading slightly lower, almost flat. the big focus there, the european finance ministers failing to meet an agreement on the next bailout for greece. after meeting for 12 hours in brussels late into the night, they could not negotiate the terms for the next greece bailout package. greece needs the money to stay in the european union and to avoid bankruptcy of the country. this is just adding to the uncertainty in the markets. also adding to all the uncertainty, the u.s. fiscal cliff. no talks this week in washington with congress on a recess and the president traveling and the conflicts in the middle east fueling volatility.
2:25 am
oil prices up three quarters a percent in electronic trading. and it is looking more likely that hostess will shut down after mediation talks with union workers that failed yesterday. there's a bankruptcy hearing scheduled for later today. we'll find out the fate of hostess. 18,000 people and their jobs are at risk if the company liquidates and hostess could sell their recipes to pay off their creditors. if the company is liquidated, it looks very likely it would close 33 bakeries, 565 distribution centers and 55-00 delivery routes and 570 bakery outlet stores in the u.s. and what does it take to be in the top 1%? what do you make to be a 1% one percenter? the average one percenter earns
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emergency mission. secretary of state hillary clinton trying to broker a cease-fire with all the fighting in the middle east. egyptian president mohamed
2:30 am
morsi and mahmoud abbas sitting down to try to negotiate a cease-fire. we are just learning of a bus blast in tel aviv. multiple casualties. welcome back to "early start" here on this wednesday. bottom of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin in for zoraida. >> i'm christine roman in for john berman. it is exactly half past the hour. all right. breaking news this morning. a bus explosion in tel aviv to tell you about. we have been telling you all night about rising tensions and more fighting in the area, but now here in tel aviv israeli police officials tell us there's a bus explosion. we know there are injuries. there are ten injured. you're looking at pictures here of the scene. these are live pictures, actually, of the scene where this bus has now -- it is in the street. we know there are ten injured. breaking the calm, clearly, of a very tense tel aviv over the past few days.
2:31 am
i want to get quickly to fred flankin in israel. what can you tell us about the most recent explosion? >> reporter: yeah, christine, we are still trying to get information on what exactly happened in the bus in downtown tel aviv. we know it was on a road that is in central tel aviv. there are casualties and there are at least ten people who were injured. the earliest reports that we are getting, and this is from various israeli media outlets, three people were moderately to more severely wounded and seven people were more lightly injured. and we also know, as you said, that they are being tended to. they are on the scene. however, there appears to be the fear there could be secondary explosions. that someone might have detonated or deposited some other form of explosive in the area. that's certainly something being checked out there by bomb disposal and by eod squads as well. but there are scenes there of people being treated on the sidewalks. people being tended to by
2:32 am
ambulances that are on the scene. that is ongoing. of course, the entire area there is marked off. if you look at the windows, the front window is badly damaged. there must have been a terrible scene inside the bus when the explosives went off. it is not entirely clear what sort of explosive went off. if this is a suicide bomber or a bomb that was deposited. we are still waiting for that information to come through. it is still very early in the game, but certainly this is something that really changes a lot here on the ground. there have been people here in israel who have been very fearful of positivable attacks on buses, on civilian infrastructure. of course, tel aviv has been fairly calm and they have had to deal with rocket afacts. there was a rocket that hit the outskirts of tel aviv just yesterday that caused severe damage there to a civilian house. but now it appears as though a new level there as a bus attack
2:33 am
happened with an explosive device. >> again, you have more violence and escalating tensions, all these talks of a cease-fire getting close but it just isn't happening yet. what are people telling you about, i guess just about the fear now with a new bus attack, how -- what does this do for talks and hopes for a cease-fire in israel? >> reporter: well, it certainly makes it a lot more difficult, i would assume. but i can tell you from people on the ground here, this is a town that gets hit by rockets all the time. i want to actually show you what's behind me. these are some of the rockets fired here on this town. these are some rockets actually made in the gaza strip. more of a homemade weapon. this one down here is a military rocket produced in china and iran. you can see it has tail fins that come out on these springs. of course, these people are very fearful of that. and many people have told us, quite frankly, they are not in
2:34 am
favor of a cease-fire or possible truce at this point of time. they don't feel that their military has done the job yet. they fear that if a cease-fire goes into effect, they'll have to deal with stuff like this in the coming weeks and months and possibly need another military campaign. there have been sort of smaller protests against the possible cease-fire already and people are just telling us they feel that more needs to be done. they don't want the truce to happen. that is not everybody's opinion. there are a lot of people who want peace and quiet, who want the rocket attacks here to end. i can tell you from earlier today, we have already had to go to shelters six times just this morning here because of rocket attacks. most of them picked off by a missile defense system, but some are hitting the ground. >> thank you so much. in addition to the bus explosion that fred was just reporting on, here is the latest this morning on the whole conflict. after meeting with israel's prime minister, secretary of state hillary clinton just concluded talks with the
2:35 am
palestinian authority leader president mahmoud abbas. this is meeting number two now with benjamin netanyahu. and then in a few hours she'll meet with the newly-elected president mohamed morsi. this just underscores the urgency of peace talks here in the region. the israeli air attacks killing 27 more palestinians bringing the death toll to 137. a spokesperson for hamas sounding hopeful. an end to the violence is near telling cnn, quote, we are close, we are on the edge, end quote. i want to bring in dan, a former israeli officer and now a scholar at the center for middle eastern policy. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let me just begin on what your reaction is on what appears to be a level of new violence in tel aviv. could this be a game-changer?
2:36 am
>> well, this is a very serious development, i think. and whether it is a game-changer or not, we'll have to see. i think that up to now while a cease-fire, the parties feel that a cease-fire is within reach, they were scrambling to achieve last-minute gains, strategic and public imagewise before a cease-fire comes into effect. i think that this bus explosion is sort of a decisive image that hamas has been trying to achieve as they go into a cease-fire. i think that the israeli government will feel compelled to respond to such an attack -- >> how so? >> an attack in central tel aviv is something we have not seen for quite some time. a bus being exploded and so on.
2:37 am
i think that the government of israel will feel compelled to retaliation on this attack thus delaying the option that a cease-fire will go into effect in the next few hours. what form of retaliation? i think they are talking about it right now in jerusalem, but beyond see them allowing this to go unnoticed. >> so perhaps hopes of a cease-fire are quashed longer because of what we are seeing here on the streets of tel aviv. we now know secretary of state hillary clinton is going back to israel, meeting again with the prime minister netanyahu, is that a good sign or not? >> well, she arrived last night and she stayed in jerusalem overnight. she's meeting with yet netanyahu again as a part of the united states to bring a solution to
2:38 am
this. because what israel is interested in is a long-term solution. the only way that israel will reach such a -- feel comfortable approaching such a solution is by having the u.s. backing and the u.s. involvement in this process. and i think the intense efforts by the united states and ramallah and jerusalem and further today in cairo are just part of it. >> mr. arbella, this is the first soundbyte we have for what she didn't say. take a listen. >> the goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security and legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians alike. >> so you heard the two words durable outcome. the two words you didn't hear were cease-fire. what's your reaction to that? >> i think it is an issue of linguistics. i think that the u.s. is aiming
2:39 am
for a cease-fire for a truce. yesterday before this bus attack occurred i think they were talking about a two-phase solution. the first phase of having a 12 to 24-hour period of calm, what they called quiet for quiet. to test the viability of the cease-fire. then to move on to a second phase with broader international and other guarantees and assurances that would allow the cease-fire to last. because the whole idea is just establishing a cease-fire just for a week or so is useless. the idea is to have a long, durable solution. i wouldn't look to the fact that you didn't say the word cease-fire. >> you are saying symantecs. >> yes, exactly. >> you are a foreign officer and then you have the side of hamas. wolf blitzer just yesterday speaking with a hamas spokesperson that basically told him the united states should be, can be doing more here in the
2:40 am
region. here is what he said. >> i hope that the u.s. administration, that the obama administration can make a change by saying, look, you have to help without any condition. >> can you, final question, can you see that as playing out as a possible solution in the future? >> i think this gaza crisis was a reminder or a wake-up call for the administration. here it is, the israeli conflict is alive and we have to deal with it. when a cease-fire is reached, when the smoke settles and the dust settles, i think the u.s. will go back to a more serious involvement in the process, trying to bring the parties closer together, perhaps advancing negotiations between israel and the moderates and the
2:41 am
palestinian authority. >> dan arbell, scholar for middle eastern policy. we appreciate it this morning. thank you. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> same to you, sir. coming up at 6:30 eastern time, we'll be talking to stuart holiday, the head of the meridian international sent they are a works with the state department. the latest on the breaking news with a bus explosion on tel aviv on a main street in tel aviv. we know there are injuries. ten people injured. our reporter, fred, says three of the injuries are very serious. this just the latest violence after a night of more violence. thunderous explosions in gaza, rockets from gaza into israel. both sides talking, a world talking about a cease-fire but not there yet. some of that early optimism yesterday about a quiet period before a cease-fire fading and
2:42 am
another violent night in the region. and now a bus explosion in central tel aviv with ten injured, three seriously. it is often the unseen side of the conflict in the middle east. >> coming up, an inside look at israel's drones in the sky over gaza. cd from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke.
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[ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 ml350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. i want to let you know what's happening right now in tel-aviv. these are live pictures of a bombed out bus here. folks, this is the aftermath of windows shattered, ten injuries we are told. three considered serious. this is all according to an israeli red cross spokesperson here. two are considered moderate, but clearly after seeing the rockets back and forth between gaza and israel, this is a new level of
2:46 am
violence. we are seeing an explosion on the streets of a major, major city of tel aviv. >> and we have a reporter at a hospital right now where some of the injured were taken after the bus attack. so as soon as we can talk to her we'll bring her to you with the very latest on what they are doing with the injured. three of the injuries are considered serious as you reported out. two moderate. so we'll have sarah schneider up in a minute. but meanwhile, here's laura siegal who have just there shooting a story that we'll bring to you, but she points out this part of town is kind of a bubble almost. >> sure. i was actually just there and right nearby you have a street where everyone kind of goes out, there are a lot of coffee shops and people hanging out having a good time. i just got off the phone with a source of mine nearby who said you can hear the ambulances. i said, stay safe. he said, laurie, this is every day life here. >> here you were on vacation in tel aviv just days ago.
2:47 am
and you and your colleague, your friend, bring a camera along to shoot this piece on drones. >> sure. it's safe to say that the drones are becoming a staple of modern day war fair. just before the day, the conflict broke out, i visited one of israel's largest manufacturers and got the exclusive look at one of the country's most valuable resources. take a look. civilians can't always see the drones but they can often hear the humming. an anxiety-inducing mind game becoming more prevalent. before the booms and the blasts, drones run the air space over gaza and will be there long after the cease-fire is reached. >> they are normally doing patrols over gaza and the west bank but now they are -- there are hundreds of them flying around. >> reporter: just days before the conflict of israel and hamas broke out, cnn money was on the ground in tel aviv to get the inside look at the manufacturing of the drones. we visited the country's biggest
2:48 am
defense manufacturer, israel defense ministries owned by the israel government and do $3.5 billion in annual sales. of that about a quarter goes to the israeli ministry of defense. they make one of israel's most valuable tools. >> we can see the position. >> reporter: the unmanned aerial vehicles are planes without pilots and here they are operated with the click of a mouse. >> sometimes you just need to get footage. and this is something that is better to be done by an unmanned capability. >> reporter: some uav service surveillance tools and others carry weaponenry. here's how they work. >> the flying we detract and i'm actually just commanding the direction and speed and altitude. and then the uav will follow my command. >> reporter: they are controlled by pilots on the ground. >> i just need to click and they
2:49 am
perform. >> reporter: a short drive away a valuable part of drone is hand crafted. high-tech cameras. >> you can see a very small ball but inside there is a very much high-tech technology including stabilization and a lot of software. >> reporter: that allows the drones to function as a surveillance tool. >> the main requirement nowadays is if you see a person a few kilometers away holding something, you want to know whether it is a gun or a stick and he's an innocent civilian. >> reporter: and in the future the drones can be smarter and smaller. cnn got the latest look at the surveillance drone the size of a butterfly aimed to alert soldiers of danger ahead on the ground. and this is just the beginning, the pilot i spoke to said in the next 50 years we can expect unmanned commercial aircraft. what does that mean? planes without pilots. it seems pretty high-tech right now but many of the people
2:50 am
building uav's say that's the future. >> it is incredible to see them run by a track ball. >> they said to me it is almost like a videogame. >> we know people on the ground may not be able to see the drones but you mentioned the humming, they can hear them. >> sure. there's been a lot of studies about this. there's a psychological effect because a lot of people on the ground hear this ominous humming. they cannot see anything but civilians know it is there and the drones have capabilities now, especially now more than ever, to attack. so what if they get mistaken for a terrorist? it has instilled fear but we are seeing more of this technology. it will only become a problem we'll hear more about. >> thank you, laurie. we are talking to our sources this morning about ambulances in central tel aviv because of the bus explosion. so clearly another dangerous night in the region. another very dangerous night in the region as people try to forge a cease-fire that has been e collusive so far. >> much more on this breaking story including sarah at a
2:51 am
nearby hospital. we'll get new information on some of the people injured. ten injured because of this explosion here in the hustle and bustle of tel aviv. three very serious injuries and two are moderate. more on that here in just a moment. but we have to talk holiday. the holiday is here with people headed out for the holiday. at least if the weather holds, we'll keep an eye on the dense fog that could be a factor at the airport. we'll have your travel weather update coming up next. gecko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know members it.congress. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newscaster:breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties!? with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutesould save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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i want to take you straight to tel aviv here as we are five minutes from the top of the hour. we are looking at pictures of the bus and clearly a reporter there on the ground in tel aviv interviewing people as to what they saw after this bomb exploded inside of this bus. ten people have been injured. we are told three critically, two moderately. clearly, the glass windows on this bus shattered. in terms of how this happened, we still don't know. this is clearly very fresh. you can see the police tape around this bus here on the streets. this is in the middle of the hustling bustling city, this huge city in israel, tel aviv. but clearly this is a new level of violence in addition to the rockets back and forth, now we
2:56 am
are seeing this explosion on the streets. the big question as we talked to a guest a moment ago, will israel retaliate? meantime, here in the u.s., there's a big holiday tomorrow and the airport is sure to be packed today. rob marciano is here to look at the travel weather. good morning. >> good morning. it got toasty in here. >> rob, where are you? >> it got a little toasty in here and i took my jacket off and it had my microphone on it. so i had to run back to get that. >> good to see you, rob. >> good morning. all right. so the fog is settling in to the great lakes. a tenth of a mile right now reported in chicago. we expect anywhere from a tenth to maybe a half mile visibility. right now they don't have a ground stop. of all days for the faa site that tells you if there's a delay at the airports, that site is down. so hopefully they can get that
2:57 am
back up. if not, we'll have to start working the phones and that may cause more distractions. chicago, st. louis, you're in a dense fog advisory. low clouds and fog and rain across parts of san francisco. seattle and portland, we've been talking about that storm for days. nor the way of rain and mountain snow there to slow down travel. the biggest distraction will be across the pacific northwest. some of the rainfall is sinking down to the southment some of the rain is heavy at times with flashes of lightning. instability is rolling in from the very strong storm system down to san francisco. in between there, we are looking pretty good with maybe some mountain snow. if you are traveling over the mountain pass or the cascades to grandmother's house you go, you may run into problems. 80 degrees expected in dallas. warm stuff across the nation's midsection. 53 degrees expected in new york city. a good-looking day there today and tomorrow. as a matter of fact, most spots east of the mississippi with the exception of fog in the morning should be good today and tomorrow. that's a quick check on your
2:58 am
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3:00 am
breaking news here on this wednesday morning. you are looking at live pictures. tel aviv, the aftermath of an explosion on the street, involving a bus. clearly still a fresh scene. the bus is still roped off with crime tape as you see all the emergency responders sent in, swooping in. we know that ten people have been injured. three of them critically. two moderately. this is all what we're getting from folks in israel there on the ground. we have a correspondent in a hospital where some of these victims are being treated. we're going to go to her as soon as we can establish that connection there in tel aviv. but keep in mind, this is a major, major city in israel. this is a new level of violence. we've been seeing the rockets back and forth as this conflict has been escalating between gaza. here's another picture of the
3:01 am
bus, and between israel. and now, to see this happening, on the street, is a new level. >> and sometimes when you have seen bus explosions, you've seen then a secondary explosion later. so first responders being very, very careful to make sure there aren't any other explosions that happen as they're trying to take care of the people who are there, to get them to a hospital, ten injured. still a very tense and nerve-racking scene there. >> let's continue this conversation as we stay on these live pictures and bring in fred pleitgen in ashkelon, israel. fred, i want to ask you about what we're seeing here in tel aviv. what more are you learning as far as this bus explosion goes? >> yeah, christine, we're monitoring israeli media. we're obviously also talking to the spokes people of the israeli police and israeli defense forces and they're telling us that, indeed, this bus explosion happened in downtown tel aviv. right now the big thing that everyone is trying to establish is what actually happened there. how did this bus explode?
3:02 am
where was this explosive charge? there's some talk by several eyewitnesses that we're hearing on israeli military radio who said that they saw a man running towards the bus, throwing a bag or something into the bus, and then running away. and that's where the explosion or when the explosion happened. that certainly appears to be a real possibility, and as you said, at this point in time it's still very early in the game so there are police on the scene who are scanning the surrounding areas to search for, as you said, possible secondary explosive devices that might be there, also israeli media, of course, informing people about that possible danger. and the first responders there trying to get people who are not involved in any sort of rescue operation or helping people to get out of that area, as well. it is, of course, cordoned off around that bus as we see the wreckage of that bus standing there in that very main street in central tel aviv. the windows, as you can see, have been badly damaged. some of the windows have been blown out on the sides. the front window badly damaged, as well. as you can see there are many
3:03 am
first responders there on the scene. of course, also a bomb squad on the scene to look again for those secondary devices. but to also see whether there's any remnants of explosives from that first explosive device that might not have gone off that could also injure people, as well. so, a scene i wouldn't describe as chaotic. the first responders know what they're doing. there have been bus bombings in israel in the past. the last one was about maybe a little over a year ago. it happened in jerusalem at a bus station there. but it's not something that is new in israel. but certainly within this conflict, you're absolutely right, it is a new level of violence hitting israel's largest city. christine? >> fred, this is brooke, actually. let me keep this conversation going. from what i can tell, and what you're mentioning, the information coming in to us, no one yet is claiming responsibility, but in talking to a middle east guest, scholar last hour, he said the next thing to watch for, fred, is possible retaliation on the side of israel. how likely might that be? what might that look like?
3:04 am
>> well that can certainly happen. one of the other things, brooke, sorry about that. one of the other things that could happen is that this also derails any sort of truce negotiations that are going on between israel and hamas and other factions in gaza. they're trying to stop the bombings that are going on here and the rocket attacks on israeli cities and also the bombings in gaza, as well. and retaliation from the israeli side would probably be increased bombings on targets in gaza. of course that's a military operation that's going on. the next phase of escalation for that would probably then be a ground invasion. but we're still very far away from that. the israeli government has so far not made any sort of statements in that direction. something like that might be impending. we'll have to wait and see what sort of reactions there could be. you're absolutely right. so far there is no claim of responsibility just yet. there have been tweets, actually, from hamas saying that they bless this operation but certainly they are not saying that it was them who carried this out. brooke? >> as soon as you get any more information, or when we hear
3:05 am
reaction from israel, obviously, or hamas, fred pleitgen we'll bring you back here live from israel. fred, thank you. so the high stakes diplomacy moves to egypt now. secretary of state clinton to meet with president mohamed mursi. he could play a critical role in getting a piece deal. reza sayah is live in cairo. i'm wondering from your perspective in cairo how this latest explosion in tel aviv may complicate the hard work ahead for secretary clinton and mohamed mursi? what does it mean for talks and hopes for a cease-fire? >> well it means there's more urgency. it means that the violence is escalating. i think the spotlight is going to be on u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton who is now in the region. if you think you have a busy day today, consider mrs. clinton's itinerary. this morning she met with u.s. secretary of state general ban ki-moon in jerusalem, 9:30 a.m.
3:06 am
met with palestinian president mahmoud abbas in ramallah, 11:00 a.m. she met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem again. and now, she's on her way here to cairo. all in an effort to see what we can do, what washington can do, to establish a cease-fire. whenever these conflicts flare up in the middle east, washington wants to be seen as playing a major role. but the problem with washington's role is they have no relationship with hamas. obviously, washington considers hamas a terrorist organization and that is probably why it's been easier over the past several days, but has really emerged as playing the role of lead peacemaker. they obviously have strong links with hamas, hamas was borne out of the muslim brotherhood. egypt also has a peace deal with israel, and they have promised to honor. yesterday, of course, egypt, officials here very optimistic, the president mohamed mursi saying a cease-fire would happen
3:07 am
on tuesday. christine, obviously, that is not the case. violence now, the latest apparent bus attack in tel aviv appears to be escalating. >> reza sayah in cairo. we'll check in with you again soon. thank you. ahead at 6:30 eastern stuart holiday joins us, head of the meridian international center who works with the state department. next hour soledad talks with israeli government spokesman mark regev. a brush with death for former boxing great hester macho camacho. the 50-year-old camacho was shot in his face and neck just outside of this bar in san juan, puerto rico. police say a second man was killed in that shooting. camacho is in the hospital in serious condition and doctors say the bullet damaged two vertebrae in camacho's neck. he may have trouble, they say, walking again. the company that makes wonder bread is toast. hostess brands heads back to bankruptcy court today after a last-ditch mediation effort with the bakers union failed. the bankruptcy judge had ordered
3:08 am
the talks to try to save more than 18 method jobs at this company. several companies expressed an interest in buying the brand, and the recipes, but, brooke, workers, the workers will be out of work. >> and the puppeteer who gave elmo his voice for a generation is off the street. sesame street here. kevin clash quitting in the wake of his lawsuit that claims he sexually abused a teenage boy. all of this news here comes just a week after another accuser made a similar claim before recanting. here's what we're hearing from sesame workshop. they issued this statement, quote, unfortunately the controversy surrounding kevin's personal life has become a distraction that none of us want. this is a sad day for sesame street. >> meantime, we're monitoring the situation in the middle east. specifically in central tel aviv, where a bus explosion has sent ten people to the hospital, three with very serious injuries. what it means for the very nascent talks about trying to get a cease-fire. the secretary of state is on her way to meet with mohamed mursi
3:09 am
of egypt. we'll have the latest on all that for you. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing.
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3:12 am
get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. twelve minutes past the hour here on a wednesday morning. you're looking at pictures of the bombed-out bus in the busy streets of tel aviv, israel. as we've been watching here, the tensions, the violence escalating now, a new level of violence has hit the streets and hit a bus. ten injured, three critically,
3:13 am
two moderately. that's the latest information we're getting there from the ground. let's go to sarah sidener our senior international correspondent en route to the hospital in tel aviv. sarah, good morning and tell me what you're learning about this explosion. >> i just arrived on the scene just now. the police have blocked off the road. i can see the bus, and the windows blown out. we do know that at this point there are ten people who have been moderately injured. three of those moderately injured, five people injured, two. it happened very close to a hospital which is obviously a good thing for the people inside, the victims inside because they could get them to the hospital very, very quickly. we also got the word that there was a blast. we were in a different hospital, and they went into emergency mode waiting for the possibility of many patients. so for what i can see is that it's very close, this blast
3:14 am
happening in a bus very close to the defense department. the defense department on the road right next to it. you can see the building, as you look down from the building on the streets you can actually see the bus there. so there's a lot of concern about this. because as you know, they were talking about the possibility of a peace agreement or some sort of a cease-fire, some sort of a truce, and to have this blast happen, you know, no one can tell yet but depending on the circumstances that surround who may have done this, this may really put a damper on the possibility of a cease-fire and truce. and there's a lot of people in big cities who have been through these blasts before over the year and it really ratchets up the fear factor in people worrying that they cannot go about their daily lives without worrying about something exploding in the city. >> sara, this is brooke, let me ask you one more question. we were just talking to your colleague fred pleitgen who is farther away in a different part of israel and he was listening to israeli military radio, and these are just initial reports that there was a man seen
3:15 am
running toward the bus, black clothing, tossed a bag in the bus, and ran away. are you hearing anything like that? >> no. because we just got to the scene. >> okay. >> that, you know, the was in that we're getting is there was someone that they thought they might have seen either someone throw something into the bus, or somebody who, you know, may have been on the bus. they're trying to figure out if this was a suicide bomber, or if this was somebody who threw something on the bus or left something on the bus that exploded. it is very tentative right now. the investigation is under way. the bomb squad is on the scene. the forensics team is on the scene. there are lots of vehicles surrounding the scene. but we do know that -- on the bus when this happened. sorry for the breaking part. i'm running right now because the police are telling us that we have to run past the
3:16 am
military. it's very chaotic. i'm hearing another siren now. >> sara, we're going to let you get -- >> -- another blast somewhere in the city. we want to check that out. unconfirmed reports right now. >> sara, we're going to let you move away as the police are telling you to, clearly, because, look, there is a protocol for bus explosions in israel, because they have happened before, and there are real concerns about secondary explosions, and secondary terrorist attacks after -- after the initial bus explosion. so please, please be very careful and do, you know, stay out of the -- out of harm's way if you can. i want to go to gaza city, ben wedeman is in gaza city. ben what is the reaction on the ground there, as news of this bus explosion in central tel aviv reaches where you are? >> we actually heard a nearby mosque announcing that this attack had taken place. the mosque loudspeaker was
3:17 am
saying that to quote/unquote alliance from the west bank were behind the attack. and it seemed to be claiming the attack on before of a brigade which is the military wing of the hamas movement. however, on television, affiliated with hamas, they said that it was -- they said hamas blessed the operation, and said it was a natural reaction to what's going on in gaza. so not a clear claim of responsibility. we did hear a certain amount of what sounded like celebratory gunfire not far from here. what i am noticing is that since news came out of this attack in tel aviv, that the amount of traffic and people in the street s which is never a lot these days, seems to have reduced significantly. because apart from some mosque loud speakers, praising and celebrating this attack in tel aviv, i think most people in --
3:18 am
palestinians in gaza, are aware that if that kind of attack happens, they will quickly hear a response from israel. the morning has been relatively quiet. the night was quite loud with a lot of air strikes, and the worry is that those might start up again now. >> from your perspective, covering this and other flare-ups and conflicts between these two parties, what does this mean for these nations of peace talks? we've been talking about -- trying to agree to a quiet period to agree to a cease-fire. we've got the secretary of state on her way to have a meeting, another meeting with benjamin netanyahu and then a meeting with mohamed mursi of egypt. what how does this complicate talks of a cease-fire? >> well, there's a potentially huge complication, because when there are things like attacks in tel aviv, that really does put a lot of pressure on the government of benjamin netanyahu to take a fairly hard stance,
3:19 am
that he should, perhaps, launch this much-feared ground invasion of gaza. it makes it -- wildly complicates the situation, and certainly one can only interpret the bombing in tel aviv as a real provocation to really basically saying bring it on. which is something that i think most people in gaza would be aghast at. it's now eight days, normal life has been completely disrupted. there were hopes yesterday evening that we were on the verge of some de-escalation of this crisis. a bombing in tel aviv only reverses that process. and presents the possibility of this conflict just getting worse. >> ben wedeman in gaza city. we'll check with you again very soon. just to underscore, we've been, you know, been saying he's a veteran journalist in this part of the world for years and years and years and the fact that this bus explosion could usually complicate this potential for,
3:20 am
you know, peace talks and sort of resolutions is huge. as you mention, secretary of state again talking with prime minister netanyahu, and underscoring also the role of egypt, really, that is playing a central role in this peacekeeping mission. so we're all over the story for you this morning. >> coming up, as well, we're going to talk about oil prices. and how that could affect us here in the u.s. if the crisis deepens. oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more
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3:24 am
all right. take a look at your screen here. take a pause, put the coffee down as we're getting ready, or perhaps you are getting ready to hop on a plane to have some turkey tomorrow, there are some airport delays already. chicago, st. louis, san francisco, detroit, seattle, portland. just a quick heads up for you as you start your day. >> logon in for those text checks to make sure -- don't be in the car before you find out that there's dense fog in chicago and st. louis because you're going to be waiting in an airport. i'm minding your business. u.s. stock futures are slightly lower. almost flat basically. fighting in the middle east helping fuel volatility in stocks. also the oil market. the price for light sweet crude oil up nearly 1% in electronic trading this morning and no surprise there. when you see tensions flare in the middle east you often see oil prices rising. european finance ministers failing to meet an agreement on the next bailout for greece. after meeting for twelve hours in brussels late into the night they could not finalize the terms for the next $3 billion bailout package. greece needs this money to stay
3:25 am
in the european union and to avoid bankruptcy. and the one thing you need to know about your money today, 40 days, 17 hours and change until the fiscal cliff. those looming tax hikes and spending cuts will continue to weigh on the markets until congress and the white house reach a final agreement. you know, earlier this week, brooke, there was a big rally in the stock market, there was opt milk that all of the signs were there the fiscal cliff was going to get fixed. don't mess it up. >> well, as we've been talking so much fiscal cliff, and we know the president has been on this swing in southeast asia, he dispatched the secretary of state hillary clinton to the middle east to help broker peace, hopefully, that may now be slowed because of this potential huge complication, this bus blast. here are pictures, glass windows shattered. in the middle of the city. ten injured. we're getting new information here out of tel aviv, as tensions really rising in the middle east. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
3:26 am
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3:29 am
bringing to you breaking news of a bus explosion in central tel aviv. ten people injured. three very seriously. they secured the scene. a calm scene, we're told by fled plight again sara sidner is there and she has been talking to officials. she is looking at the wreckage and talking to witnesses. sara, what are they telling you now about what they think happened here on this bus? >> okay. so we just heard from police, chief of police also, okay. everyone is running from this area. the chief of police has been talking but what we do know is that there was -- they now believe it was not a suicide bomber on the bus, but, in fact, a package left on the bus potentially, and, okay -- hold on. we've got a helicopter overhead and there's a lot of people that are running from the scene of the bus. the scene right now, windows blown out on the bus completely,
3:30 am
all of them blown out. this is quite a large bus. the number 61 bus. there are emergency people now running, and i mean sprinting -- >> sara -- >> -- to find out what's going on. but there is definitely something else going on, just down the street from the bus. we're going to go there now. i'm going to try to call you. we know there are several people injured from this blast and now there's apparently something going on just down the road. people are literally running from this scene and going to the other scene. >> sara, you get out of the way, figure out what's happening and make sure you're in a safe place. here's a sort of a hallmark of some of these bus bombings that we've seen before, secondary explosions. a package exploding on a bus. first responders come, and then there's another explosion, trying to inflict even more damage. so that's why people can be quite nervous and running from the scene, and sarah's going to try to figure out exactly what's happened there.
3:31 am
. ten people injured on this bus. people rn the street are saying it looks like a package that exploded. three of those people are just quite seriously taken to a hospital. >> okay. forgive me as i check my e-mail. we're getting new information. okay. okay. as we stay on this story here, we want to bring in, and again, waiting to hear what's happening down the road from this location in tel aviv, i want to bring in ben wedeman our senior international correspondent on the ground in gaza city, who has some reaction there from people in gaza. ben, what are you seeing? what are you hearing? >> well, just about ten minutes ago we heard an israeli reaction, perhaps, one of these buildings behind me got hit by several missiles. a very large, loud explosion, and we did see a great big ball of flame coming up. as far as local reaction to the attack in tel aviv we did hear a nearby mosque, loud speaker,
3:32 am
saying what they called lions from the west bank were behind the attack in tel aviv. and the loud speaker suggesting or claiming that it was an operation, as they call it, by the military wing of the hamas movement. al aqsa tv, however, which is affiliated with hamas, did not make so specific or explicit a claim regarding the attack. just saying that it was quote unquote a natural reaction to events here in gaza. we also did hear in this area some celebratory gunfire when the news first came out of that attack in tel aviv. brooke? >> ben, you've been covering this conflict for years. i just want to underscore the fact that we're looking at these pictures, these were civilians, clearly targeted. again we're hearing from sara that this wasn't a suicide bomber, this was someone who threw a package inside the bus and it exploded. but these are men and women who live in tel aviv.
3:33 am
>> yes. and i think you have to look at the significance of that, because tel aviv for many years has been relatively quiet, relatively peaceful. and in fact israelis will tell you the people of tel aviv live in a bubble, sort of immune to the problems in gaza, problems other israelis around gaza encounter with the rocket attacks. given that over the last eight days tel aviv has now come within range of rockets from gaza and today there's been an attack in tel aviv, it's going to shape a certain amount of that complacency that many israelis accuse the residents of tel aviv of having. >> you know, it's interesting, ben, it's christine here. when you talk about civilians and targeting civilians, much of the criticism over the past few days has been over the civilian death toll in gaza city as these air strikes continue inside this heavily populated, densely populated area where rockets are
3:34 am
basically being launched right next to places where women and children and people are sleeping. that is -- that is sort of again a hall mark of this conflict when it flares up. civilians are so disproportionately harmed on both sides. >> well, let's put it this way, in all wars wherever they are it's the civilians who suffer most. oftentimes when you go through the death toll, it's the civilians who lose their homes, must leave their homes, their houses are destroyed, they're in a sense the innocent bystanders in all of these wars. so in a sense, the situation here isn't any different from that. and it's important to keep in mind that this is a conflict that goes back 100 years. both sides see themselves as being on the moral high ground, so to speak, and it's important not to focus simply on recent events, it's a much broader
3:35 am
conflict, which has its roots going far back in history, and as i said, each side believes that they are in the right. >> this is brooke, ben. it's a broader conflict, and i'm glad you give us that context. this has been going back for decades and decades and decades. but ultimately, you know, the goal, depending on who you're talking to, is peace. and when you look at these images here, on the streets of tel aviv, this bombed out bus, shattered glass, multiple injuries, how much is this a game changer in terms of these talks under way in egypt? >> well, whoever is behind it clearly wanted to derail the peace efforts that are ongoing by egypt, by turkey, by the united states. and others. this is oftentimes what happens. for instance, let's sort of go theoretical here. there are factions, groups within hamas, who are eager to achieve a cease-fire. i don't think there's any doubt about it.
3:36 am
but there may be also other subfactions within hamas, or other palestinian factions, who want to see a continuation of this confrontation, who want to see an escalation to the conflict because they feel they will gain politically or perhaps militarily -- >> let me jump in, ben. >> both sides have their hard-liners -- >> but explain that. how is this a political advantage for perhaps a faction within hamas to not have peace, to continue the fighting? >> well, if you look at the conflict over the last eight days, what you've seen is the re-emergence of hamas as the game -- sort of the main player in palestinian politics. from 2007, june 2007, when hamas took over gaza, they were isolated. the egyptians under president hosni mubarak did not like hamas. they didn't want to deal with them. they did deal with them, but now
3:37 am
they have a friendly president in egypt, mohamed mursi of the muslim brotherhood. they have good relations with turkey. they have good relations with qatar. yesterday i followed around a delegation of the arab league and several arab foreign ministers, and the turkish foreign minister, and what we see is that hamas is very much back into the political mainstream of the arab world of the muslim world after being in the wilderness. they have -- they have benefited from this current operation. now, whether that benefit will continue if the situation escalates furter, if there's an israeli ground invasion, it's difficult to say. but until now, hamas is definitely benefited from this conflict politically, regarding the muslim and arab world. in terms of on the ground, i think many people here would just like hamas to put down the rockets, put down the guns, and work out a cease-fire with israel so they can go back to their homes and resume their
3:38 am
normal lives. >> talk about an incredibly complicated situation here. ben wedeman, thank you. we'll come back to you momentarily. >> joining me now is stuart holliday, president and ceo of the meridian international center, a public diplomacy organization that works with the state department. he's going to talk about the efforts for a push for truce. ambassador, two hours ago the question was, how close are we to a cease-fire? the question now, after this bus bombing is, how far away are we? >> well, i think it's important to recognize that it's in the interest of the international community and both parties to get a deal. so there are going to be efforts to derail these talks. apparently they were close and there were efforts to try to get some closure. but this is an escalation. but you have to remember that the agreement is about rockets coming out of gaza and egypt protecting and securing the border, and having some sort of guarantee from the united states and egypt. at this point, i think that it
3:39 am
remains to be seen whether this attack again which hopefully won't be followed by another one, will slow those down, derail those. you can bet that israel will -- will step up and respond accordingly. but i'm not so sure that this, in fact, derails these talks which are about a much bigger, longer-term solution. >> secretary of state clinton, you know, the united states has not talked directly with hamas, it has labeled a terrorist organization, she will be talking to mohamed mursi of egypt. how -- how do you -- how do you foresee that proceeding? what kind of pressure, influence must mursi exact on the situation? can he get it done? >> well, mursi's going to have to bring something to the hamas side in the form of opening up of these corridors, providing more access to gaza, which is what they're seeking. but there's no way that he's going to get anything from israel unless there's a
3:40 am
cessation of these rocket attacks. so he's in a very tough situation. and you have to -- you have to look at the situation as sort of a test for mursi. here he is. he's respecting the peace agreement that his country signed with israel, but he's also, his foreign minister is touring the gaza strip with hamas. and, so he has to build his credibility with israel, really, to try to look like he's really forging an honor broker role with respect to the situation. >> let's talk about another player here. the president of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas. he's not only played a prominent role in all of this. i want to play if we can a clip of what senator dianne feinstein told piers morgan yesterday. >> i think israel moving forward with mahmoud abbas is the only way to go. and to miss this opportunity, actually because the window is closing, the demographics of the
3:41 am
area are making it increasingly difficult, because the arab population inside of israel is increasing every year. so this is, in my book, it is an opportunity. and it -- if the moderate arab nations would ever really step up to really be helpful in solving this, i believe it could be solved. >> your reaction ambassador holliday? >> well, typically when we've had these flare-ups, and the escalations in violence, there has been some kind of peace process in play that you could go back to. and i think what senator feinstein is referring to is the fact that there haven't been talks with -- between abbas and the israeli government. over issues of how you start negotiations, and he is viewed from our standpoint as a credible interlocutor working on strengthening the palestinian government. but he doesn't appear to have
3:42 am
control over gaza and the real question for the israeli government, for any deal, he is has to sign on to something that can be enforced. and right now hamas is calling the shots in gaza. so the question is can he exert influence in gaza? is there a way that he can forge some sort of authority that allows him actually to deliver a deal? >> all right, stuart holliday from the meridian international center. thank you very much. >> thank you. we're continuing our coverage of this breaking story, this bus explosion on the streets of tel aviv. we have someone on the phone now, audrey lives in an apartment in and around this area. audrey, are you with me? >> yes, i am. >> audrey, do me a favor and just tell me where you are right now and what you're seeing. >> well i'm at my house now, it's really, really close. and the bomb was in the -- i can
3:43 am
see, i don't know if you hear the helicopters now. i can see the area. and you know there are people over there, reporters, and it was really scary. >> are you frightened? >> yes, i am. but i'm more frightened from the fact that the -- friday night i have to tell you the truth. so but you know, i'm afraid for my husband and i'm afraid in my home. i can't get out from my home because there are a lot of soldiers here and all the policemen that are looking for another terrorist here. yes, i am frightened. >> audrey, explain for people who have never been to tel aviv, this, you know, beautiful, large city in israel, many people take
3:44 am
vacation there, many people describe tel aviv almost as if it's a bubble, sort of immune to this sort of violence. what is it like on a normal day? tel aviv is amazing city. tel aviv, i'll tell you my parents, all my parents live in new york and san francisco, but tel aviv, it's heaven really. there is a lot of good restaurants, a lovely place. i think it's the best place in the world, really. and normal days there are a lot of people here, and going out, you know, there's big sea, beautiful places here, and that's all i can tell you about tel aviv. it's amazing. >> so to hear i describe tel aviv, as this amazing place, the best place on earth, and now to see images that we're showing here live on cnn of shattered windows, people being rolled away on stretchers to hospitals
3:45 am
here, disheartening? >> makes me really sad to see that this is the situation. really, really sad. and the hamas, and the jihad, and the al aqsa, they want to say that, and this is really sad, and they i guess for now i don't see a need -- just want to go on and go on and go on. it really makes me sad. because i believe in peace, and i believe that we had a partner on the other side we could get peace. but unfortunately, and i'm saying really unfortunately from the bottom of my heart, they just want us not to live. that's it. just want to kill us. >> audrey shemesh on the phone in an apartment perched precariously close to this location here in tel aviv. thank you for calling. >> let's go to fred pleitgen in
3:46 am
ashkelon. he's in a place where residents there have been hearing and feeling and witnessing rockets from gaza city, and now they are reacting to the news of this bus explosion far away in tel aviv. what can you tell us about the reaction there and hopes for a cease-fire? >> well, you know, that's very interesting. even before this bus explosion happened and as you quite rightly pointed out, this basically takes rocket attacks all the time. in fact, this morning alone we had to go into a shelter six times because there were rocket attacks here on the city of ashkelon. there were, of course, rocket attacks in other places as well. people here are not at all thrilled with the prospect of a cease-fire in the coming days. i spoke to people last night. i spoke to people this morning and they say they don't feel that their military has done the job in gaza just yet. they are aware of the fact that a lot of these rockets positions have been taken out but they
3:47 am
also say that they believe that if the military operation is stopped now, or stopped very shortly, that they're going to have to be dealing with a similar situation like the one they have right now a couple of months down the line, maybe a couple of years down the line. there's a way they call this -- call this mowing the lawn, which is you cut the grass and after a couple of years, it's just grown back again and you have to conduct the same operation all over again. so people say here they want a longer-term solution and they just don't feel that what's been done so far is something that could achieve that. keep in mind that a city like ashkelon doesn't only deal with rocket attacks on during times of crisis, but they deal with them in normal times, as well. they have rocket attacks here in any given week, at any given month, they'll have several. so people here, they obviously take the air ride sirens very seriously. they have an eerie routine. people here we've been speaking to say they just cannot go on like this. they want this to stop and they want a solution for good. >> fred, you say mowing the lawn. that's so frustrating.
3:48 am
i mean i know for diplomats, and for people who've been searching for a solution for peace, the whole concept of mowing the lawn, you cut the grass, and then a couple years later you're right back where you started. that makes it so, so difficult on both sides. >> yeah it certainly does. not just on the israeli side. on the gaza side, as well. where people are looking for a solution. people don't want to live in a place that's confined, that they cannot leave, also that has no economic prosperity whatsoever. and the same is true here on this side, as well. if you take a town like ashkelon at the moment, you go to the local malls here and about 80% of the stores are closed. you have people who have to go out to work a lot of them can't go out to work. you ask people who have children, they say their children indoors most of the day, all the schools here are closed. public life is all but shut down. yet you see people on the streets, people on the streets are very wary, waiting for the next possible siren, listening all the time, trying to stay in the vicinity of some sort of hardened shemter.
3:49 am
so it is certainly something that weighs down on public life. that halts public life. that holds up public life and also, of course, holds up economic development not just here but in gaza, as well. so it's certainly a situation where the people say they need a solution, they want the solution. however they want a long-term solution so they don't have to deal with what they're dealing with right now. again, as i said, in a couple of months, in a couple of years, have the same sort of military campaign and rockets raining down on their heads. >> fred pleitgen is in ashkelon where the rockets have been raining and raining. let's bring you up to speed. you're seeing these pictures on your screen now that's a bus bombing in tel aviv. >> 49 minutes past the hour. if you're waking up thinking that hamas and israel are once step closer to reaching peace, that's not the case. these are pictures of a bus, bombed out on the busy streets of tel aviv here. ten injured. three critically. according to our reports, right there on the scene sara sidner
3:50 am
was reporting that this is a result of a package, it wasn't a suicide bombing. someone left a package on the bus. the bus exploded. windows shattered. people running about. here's the new change. as we were talking to her live on the phone she began to run. we had to let her go, because sirens were heard blaring, we don't know what happened. she said people all of a sudden, including the police chief she mentioned, were, were, were running, they were racing away. we don't know what they were racing away from. we don't know what they were racing toward but clearly an incredibly frightening scene as the level of violence has been ratcheted up in this conflict in israel. >> been maybe a year since we've seen a bus bombing like this and one reason why people run from these scenes is because sometimes there are secondary explosions. and so that is very fresh in the minds of first responders, of witnesses, of people who live around the area. they're very concerned about a potential secondary explosion.
3:51 am
we should also tell you we don't know who's responsible for this. >> that's right. >> that also really complicates already very tense and dangerous situation. last night, destruction rained on gaza city and rockets rained into israel. it was the same kind of violence that we have been seeing now for eight days. two hours ago the story was how much closer are we to i cease-fire? now after this the question is how much farther away are we to a cease-fire? >> we were talking to ben wedeman in gaza city and he was perched above this mosque, and he was saying that once this explosion happened on the streets of tel aviv that they're on a loud speaker from this mosque basically quoting ben that they were saying the lions from the west bank were behind the attack. in his words, seeming to be claiming this military wing of hamas, part of the movement, claiming, but we do not have concrete reporting on that. we also know that via twitter hamas has tweeted basically blessing what you're looking at. that this exploded bus here on
3:52 am
the streets of tel aviv. it's tough. because, when you look at this, and you think about the possibility of peace, and a cease-fire, which depending on who you ask, some don't want that. they say it's politically advantageous not to have that, but if they want this peace and we know that the secretary of state is in meeting with mohamed mursi, the newly elected president of egypt, which really has this new eke role now, this new it ration of egypt he has been supportive of hamas in the past, fiery speeches in the past yet at the same time you look at the economy of egypt, and as a key power player in the region he will really emerge as the key peacekeeper. >> it will be a test for him. it will clearly be a test for him how he manages the relationship, the peace agreement with egypt's peace treaty with israel but at the same time how they handle the situation in gaza city where he does have a representative there. another point about this, this
3:53 am
was in tel aviv, an attack on a bus. clearly targeting civilians. when you talk, the criticism in the last few days has been about the civilian misery in gaza city because of these destructive air strikes from the israeli military into gaza city. and our ben wedeman points out in these conflicts, it is, it is, it stans the test of time that it is civilians who bear the brunt of these disagreements between countries, between territories, between peoples, and this has been quite, quite difficult for civilians, no question. clearly in gaza city bracing for retaliation. >> reza sayah live for us this morning in cairo where we know secretary of state hillary clinton will be meeting with the president there. mohamed mursi, and reza if you can hit home for us really the significance, the integral role that egypt, this new version of egypt, with this new president, will be playing in this overall peace process?
3:54 am
>> well, egypt is seen by many as the logical peacemaker, because they're the only government that has credible relationship with both israel, and hamas. of course, hamas and the muslim brotherhood now heavily influential in the egyptian government had links. hamas was born out of the muslim brotherhood. at the same time egypt still has a peace deal with the israeli governments, and has explicitly said that it's going to honor that peace deal. so for those reasons, egypt is being viewed as an effective mediator between these two governments, and for the past few days there was some optimism coming from the egyptian officials that a cease-fire was imminent. yesterday, egyptian president mohamed mursi said he expects a cease-fire to be established on tuesday. obviously that hasn't happened. and in many ways it looks like the violence is escalating. now, with this apparent bus attack in tel aviv, we could see, we could be entering
3:55 am
another phase, certainly doesn't bode well for egypt's status as a possible peacemaker, but they remain optimistic, they say they're going to continue the talks, now with secretary of state hillary clinton coming, they're hammering away at it. seeing if they can achieve anything. >> reza, who are other players here who are also taking part? the arab league, qatar, and also turkey, friendly with hamas. how do they play into all of this? >> well i think much of what we've seen from the arab league is an effort to score pr points. of course the arab nation has long been criticized for that doing enough to stand up for the palestinians. over the past week, they have held a lot of press conferences, made a lot of aggressive statements, condemning the israeli air attacks, and standing with the palestinians. but when it comes to concrete action, and getting material support to hamas, we have not seen that.
3:56 am
that is because many of these arab nations like kuwait, saudi arabia, they have strong economic links, military links, with washington and there's all sorts of signs that they don't want to jeopardize those links. so the key player in this, again, has been egypt. they have been the country, the government here in cairo, that have been talking both to israeli officials, and hamas officials. and again still hopeful that despite this new round of violence today, that something can get done. >> we will follow you there in cairo reza sayah, thank you so much. as we are hours away from that meeting between mohamed mursi and hillary clinton. >> i want to bring in on the phone from tel aviv actually on the scene of that explosion. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> what can you tell me about the explosion and the casualties? bring us up to speed about what you're seeing at the scene and what's happening to the people who are on that bus. >> well, around 10:00 -- 12:00
3:57 am
our time there was an explosion at a bus in the city center of tel aviv. six ambulances -- casualties. two of them -- [ indecipherable ] medical center of tel aviv. and at the moment, the scene -- bus is no longer here -- >> taken to the hospital. thank you on the scene. don't go away.
3:58 am
we're following this breaking news throughout the morning. >> i'm brooke baldwin sitting alongside christine romans. thanks so much for being with us. cnn, of course, continues in just a moment. "starting point" with soledad o'brien right after this. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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yeah we both relieve coughs, sneezing, aches, fevers. and i relieve nasal congestion. overachiever. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. good morning. our "starting point" this morning is breaking news. there's been a bus explosion in tel aviv. it's being called a terrorist act as rockets fly in gaza. secretary of state hillary clinton is still trying to broker that cease-fire or at least a de-escalation. but will this new violence counteract those efforts? >> also this morning, millions of americans on the roads, rails, sky this year. we'll get a check, the outlook. really one of the busiest travel days of the whole year coming up. >> and it could be the end of the road for hostess.
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